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Screen/Society--2023 Cinematic Arts Student Film Festival

Film screening: Curated festival of works produced by students in Cinematic Arts courses at Duke University. Student films to be screened: Nicholas Datto '23, "Pretty Smile" Isabel Dudlyke '25, "Inner Demons" William A. Julien '23, Capstone Project John Kang '23, "Grilled" Natasha Lehner (MFA '24), "Bloom" Yaoyun Qi '25, "A Bath" Leo Ryan (MFA '23), "pleura" Lukas Sanchez '25, "Unidentified" Michael Sockol (PhD candidate), "We're All Experts Now" Jingye Zhang '25, "The Eternal Odyssey" Total running time: 62 minutes.


Movie/Film, Visual and Creative Arts