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To OCI or Not to OCI: Choices and Options for GPI-focused Students

The decision to pursue law firm/private sector employment for 2L summer and beyond is significant for GPI-focused 1Ls. Due to the scale of the OCI event, its focus on primarily "big law" employers, and increasingly earlier private sector recruiting, deciding whether to participate in and pursue private sector opportunities can be a decision flashpoint leading to concerns about closing doors. This session will help 1Ls determine how OCI may or may not fit into their career goals, as well as how to weigh competing values. PIPB career counselors will review the general job search timeline for private sector and GPI 2L jobs, and a panel of upper-level students will candidly share how they decided what was right for them. 1Ls who already know they will not pursue the private sector may still benefit from attending to hear from and connect with peers. Lunch will be served. This session will be recorded. Sponsored by the Public Interest and Pro Bono Office and the Government and Public Service Society. For more information, please contact Bethan Eynon at


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