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Garden Printing: Cyanotypes and Hammered Flower Prints on Fabric


Amelia Shull

Visitors to Duke Campus Farm can come take a tour of the space, learn more about what is grown and why, and choose from a number of plants from the garden to experiment with two printing techniques that highlight the shape and color of fresh produce and flowers. With cyanotype printing, we will use either the plant as a silhouette to make sun prints using UV light, or make use of parts of the plants to create a composition on the blue-tinted paper. For the second experimentation, plants and flowers will be directly pressed onto fabric. Using hammers and small mallets, we will hammer and press the pigments from the flowers onto cotton fabric tote bags. This workshop is open to everyone and is family friendly! We are excited to serve our Duke community with a summer class as well as welcome the entire Durham community. Registration is encouraged. Instruction will run between 3-5, drop-ins and walk-ins welcome.


Featured, Visual and Creative Arts, Workshop/Short Course