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Cultural Conversations - The Headstrong Historian


Quiana Tyson

With the success of the Pratt DEIC Book Club's in-person sessions, we would like to expand the concept with the launch of Cultural Conversations! Cultural Conversations will begin this summer on Monday, June 12th, and run through Wednesday, August 16th. Conversations aim to explore the complexity of culture and community through a multi-media lens to better understand our peer's viewpoints. Cultural Conversations will primarily take place in person, and each session will be a stand-alone topic with two opportunities to participate. We have provided a schedule below and encourage all to participate as their schedule permits. These sessions are open to faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. All materials will be provided for each session. Each discussion will be limited to 20 participants. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please contact Quiana Tyson at


Diversity/Inclusion, Lecture/Talk, Meeting