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April 13, 2022Test Author

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April 13, 2022Duke Dance

Elizabeth Ehrlich Has a Busy Last Semester at Duke

Not only is the senior Economics major with a finance concentration preparing for her move to New York City, where she will be working for JP Morgan as a first-year analyst in sales and trading, she’s debuting her original choreography for the Duke Dance Program’s ChoreoLab.

An annual spring performance showcase of creative works by Duke faculty and students, ChoreoLab encourages dance experimentation across aesthetic genres and modes of presentation. Since its inception, the event has provided a support structure for creative process in which Duke students and alumni receive mentorship from Dance faculty to advance their aesthetic sensibilities from a dance’s inception through final performance.

Ehrlich’s piece, “Hearts a Mess,” featuring the song of the same name by pop artist Goyte, comes out of her independent study work with the Dance Program's jazz instructor Nina Wheeler. Student works like Ehrlich’s are also supported by a faculty committee that offers support and feedback while students develop their work.

Ehrlich has danced through the program for all four years at Duke. She said being a part of the dance program on top of her other commitments helped her be responsible and much more efficient.

“I’ve never done something this vulnerable,” Ehrlich said. “Dance has pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new things that I would have never done otherwise.”

Despite being busy, Ehrlich has been pleased with her Duke experience. “I’ve loved my time here and cannot thank the Dance Program enough,” she said. “I specifically want to thank Nina Wheeler for being such a good role model and my biggest supporter.”

What advice does she have for students who are looking to balance their passions outside of academics but might be hesitant?

“Don’t shy away from things you are interested in,” she said. “Take risks and push yourself out of your comfort zone! It’s worth it and you’ll regret it later in life if you don’t.”

Choreolab Spring Dance Concert is April 8 & 9, at 7:30pm in the von der Heyden Studio Theater at the Rubenstein Art Center.t

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Blanka  Aguero

Blanka Aguero

Data Manager

I work as data manager in Duke">">Duke University Herbarium. I maintain collections and databases of bryophytes, oversee a databasing project of bryophytes, and assist in training undergraduate and graduate students in bryophyte diversity and herbarium management. I'm an active member of Duke">">Duke Bryophyte Laboratory where I participate on research in bryophyte systematics. I am interested in bryophyte diversity of montane, alpine and wetland ecosystems. I have extensive field experience in temperate and boreal regions of Europe and North America, with focus mainly on mosses and liverworts. Born and raised in the Czech Republic.

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April 11, 2022Test Author

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